What is More Important, LA or a Global Game?


One of the proposed stadiums for a new team in LA.

Recent talks of getting the NFL in Los Angeles has me beginning to wonder if it really matters that the NFL is in LA. The NFL has a product that is not matched by any other professional sport. There are small market teams and large market teams and not only do small market teams contend with large market teams but they consistently win divisions and conferences over large market teams.

Plans to build the infrastructure in Los Angeles have been floating around for a while now and more recently a new stadium plan has been released in the midst of the recent push for LA. Building a stadium will either drawing a current team to Los Angeles or attract someone to start from scratch.

The NFL has been considering the options of either moving a team such as the local and former LA team, the Raiders, or the team that will be going for sale soon, the Bills. The other option that they could possibly look at is to expand the NFL and create a new team in Los Angeles. If they were to add a team into the NFL they would have to expand elsewhere. London?

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No Longer American’s Past Time?

A Sport falling apartMajor League Baseball has been around for 145 years and for the majority of its rain, the MLB has been the top sport in the American market. Now there are so many sporting events that sometimes it seems that baseball can get lost in the mix. How can a sport that has dominated the market for so long just fade into a shadow of other sports. There are still hard-core baseball fans but is the MLB a truly national sport or has it turned into a local business for each team? How much has a constant feed of mass information for fans hurt baseball?

If you ask most people what the top sport in America is the odds are they will say the NFL. Football is huge compared to other sports. When football is in season or even pre-season, all you will be able to see on major sports network is 24/7 coverage of football, that’s it. Continue reading



Ron Cortes/Philly.com Staff Photographer

This seams to be a subject on everyone’s mind. Tune into ESPN or NBA Network and all you hear about is tanking in the NBA. What is stirring up these conversations? My Philadelphia 76ers. They have been doing everything they can to throw their season down the drain. At this point they don’t care what their fans think, and at this point their fans can, for the most part, agree with the decision. There has also been a strong negative feeling toward tanking in the NBA. Is it really that bad though?

Perfecting Tanking

The 76ers haven’t just tried to lose, they have done everything they possibly can to eliminate every chance they have at winning. There is a very good chance of them losing every game until the end of the season. They are already on a 15 game losing streak and at this rate they are looking at finishing that streak at 36-games (in other words, always pick against them in ESPN Streak for the Cash).

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Best of 2013

The new year is just around the corner but lets look back at the best and worst moments of the past year with SportsCenter Images of the Year 2013. Lebron and the Big 3 win another ring, Boston Strong and the lights go out in the Super Bowl. A-Rod under fire and the now ex-8 time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. Andy Murry wins at Wimbledon, Phil wins The Open and Auburn beats Bama and the final year of BCS. Chip Kelly changes the NFL with the Eagles, a grand slam by Big Papi in the ALCS leads to a Boston World Series. Duffnering, Louisville wins it for Kevin Ware, Ray Allen saves the Heat’s Run, the freshman Jameis Winston wins the Heisman and a proper send off to the great Mo. Time to put all that in the rear view mirror and look ahead at 2014.

Tebow Time?


The die hard Broncos fans might have not liked Tebow as their quarterback but are they really going to complain when he takes a 1-4 team to a 8-8 record, a division title, and a playoff game win?

Tim Tebow was given one real chance to play in the NFL. It has been two years since the Denver Broncos played and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2011 wildcard round in OT off a throw from none other than Tim Tebow. On a team with the 20th ranked defense in the NFL he led the team from a 1-4 start when he took over to win seven games and lose four and win a division title as well as a wild card game against the Pittsburg Steelers. The Steelers also happened to have the #1 ranked defense in the NFL that year. Since then Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets, cut from the Jets, signed by the Patriots and then cut from them. Yes, we understand that the Broncos traded Tebow but who wouldn’t want Peyton Manning as their quarterback? And the Jets are just a mess. The Patriots have some guy named Tom Brady on their team. He was a sixth round draft pick so he must not be good. But does every team in the NFL have guys playing Quarterback with the last name Manning or Brady? We didn’t think so. So some of us here at The Backfield have decided to show you why Tebow should still be an NFL QB. This season there has been 53 Quarterbacks to play in an NFL game and for those of you who do not know there are only 32 NFL teams. In this article we have different views of all these Quarterbacks and what categories they fit into. Continue reading

Heisman Hoax

The Heisman Trophy will be presented tonight to the best college football athlete. Yeah right, more like the college football player that got the most TV time during the season. A lot of “experts” are calling this Jameis Winston’s coronation, but there are other players that have a legitimate chance at winning the trophy. The 6 finalist are Jordan Lynch, Johnny Manziel, Tre Mason, AJ McCarron, Andre Williams, and of course Jameis Winston. But here is my argument; do you really want to win the Heisman?

Jay Berwanger was the first Heisman winner but never played a game in the NFL

Jay Berwanger was the first Heisman winner but never played a game in the NFL

The Heisman trophy has been awarded to the best college football player every year since 1935 when it was awarded to Jay Berwanger, a senior running back out of Chicago University. He was drafted in the NFLs first inaugural draft by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1936 but demanded too much of the Eagles ($1,ooo a game) so he was traded to the Chicago Bears. He did not sign right away to try to make the Olympic decathlon team but when he didn’t make it, he and the Bears weren’t able to agree on a contract and so he got a job at a local rubber factory and never played a down in the NFL.

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Can Manning Be Stopped?

Eagles Broncos Football

No doubt the most dominant quarterback in the NFL, Payton Manning understands the game better than anyone. I think there is one question that every NFL fan is asking, how the %#&^$ do you stop him!?!? Well, to be honest I don’t have the answer. But I can try to give you an idea.

The best way I think is to try to beat the Broncos, don’t try to beat Payton. Face the fact that you will not beat their offence. They average 358.5  passing yards a game, that is first in the NFL. Their only lose came against the Colts and even then they scored 33 points and Manning still had 386 yards. So that’s not how you win, don’t try to shut down their defense.

Go after their pass defense.  They average 299.1 opponent passing yards, only 30th in the NFL. Andrew Luck was able to throw all over their weak secondary and had 228 yards and 3 touchdowns. Those aren’t MVP stats but they aren’t chump change either.

So moral of the story, you can’t beat Payton Manning. He knows and understands defensive schemes better then most offensive and defensive coordinators.
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Big Bully

WP-IncognitoMartinNFL players are looked on as big rough and tough guys, and they are on the field. But sometimes in the locker rooms there are players that will cross the line. Jonathan Martin filed player misconduct complaint after claiming he was being bullied by Riche Incognito. Rookie hazing has been a controversial topic from the beginning. But when it expands past that it becomes a problem.

Riche Incognito has been known to be a dirty player. In 2009 he was named the NFL’s dirties player. There has to be a switch you can turn on when your on the field then turn it off when you off the field. Players can’t be justified for racist comments.

Transcripts of voice mails and text messages left by Richie Incognito for teammate Jonathan Martin. On of these voice mails is as follows.

“Hey, wassup, you half n—— pieces of s—–. I saw you on Twitter, you been training 10 weeks. [I want to] s—– in your f—-ing mouth. [I’m going to] slap your real mother across the face [laughter]. F— you, you’re still a rookie. I’ll kill you.”

This was received by Jonathan Martin in April 2013, a year after he was drafted. There is a difference between rookie hazing and bulling. Racism has no place in a work place where 80% of the league are minorities. Players and coaches in the Dolphins organization clam they did not know this was going on in the locker room, which is hard to believe seeing that teammates rely on each other on and off the field.

Incognito has been suspended indefinitely while the NFL does an investigation. Jonathan Martin left the team and is uncertain if he will return. it will be interesting to see the repercussions that the Dolphins and the NFL will receive.

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NFL mid-season awards


Week eight is now over and that means the NFL regular season is now half way over.  Which can only mean one thing the Brown,Bills,Buccaners and Jaguars all look to miss up another draft class in a few months. Well, alright maybe two things happen the bad team stuff and then everybody’s favorite thing MID-SEASON AWARDS so lets get started

MVP-Peyton Manning, QB, Denver- well this one is pretty obvious, Manning is on pace to shatter Brady’s touchdown recorded by 12+. he has the Broncos playing the best offensive football in the league and he deserves the award so far through 8 weeks he is on pace to break Tom Brady’s touchdown recorded.

Offensive player of the year
– Jamal Charles, RB, Kansas City- Charles is a big reason the Chiefs are 9-0, as he accounts for 38% of their total offense, The Chiefs have to be careful though as they just may over use him before the playoffs.

Defnsive player of the year– Tamba Hali, DE/OLB, Kansas City- Now the real reson the Cheifs are 9-0, Their defense led by Hall which has 37 sacks, thats 10 more then the Bills who are second in the league, Hall shows no signs of slowing down any time soon

Offensive Rookie of the year- Kendrall Tompokins, WR, New England- This undrafted rookie has quickly become Tom Brady’s favorite target and that takes a lot to do. Tompokis has a bright future ahead of him

Defensive Rookie of the year- Kiko Alonso,MLB, Buffalo-The 2nd round pick has over done his expectations as he leds all rookies in tackles with almost 90, he is a big reason the Bils D has improved

Early NBA Notes

I thought why not better to talk some NBA. Football is in full swing but before you know it basketball will be right upon us. Lets look at three teams right now for this upcoming season with the most to prove.

#3) New York Knicks

2012-2013 season-  54-28 2nd in Eastern Conference. Lost in Conference Semi’s  to Indiana Pacers.


For most teams  last season would have been a great step in the right direction. Too bad Carmelo Anthony doesn’t have a great track record in the playoffs. He’s never been to the Conference finals and his window of being the big dog is closing.  With the highest payed front court in NBA history how can you not make it to the finals. They add a former #1 pick in Andrea Bargnani to this front court that has more talent than any front court in the leauge right now. One problem is that Melo has thrived at the 4 spot and that would mean four starting caliber players would have to share two spots. Possibly Melo can play the 3 more this year and then the paint would be very much clogged up. This could be solved if the Knicks can hit 3’s this year very efficiently. But bottom line Melo. You need to bring this team to the Eastern Conference finals or this was a waste. In my opinion they wont make it there. The Heat will end up there against either the Nets, Bulls, or Pacers. Melo will be looking to either team up with Lebron next summer or any superstar in the same boat as him.

#2) Brooklyn Nets

2012-2013 season 49-33 4th in Eastern Conference. Lost in 1st round to Chicago Bulls.

A few off seasons ago the New Jersey Nets were in shambles until Mikhail Prokhorov bought the team. The Russian Billionaire has showed he isn’t afraid to spend money. He payed for half of the new one billion dollar Barclays Center that is the house of the renamed Brooklyn Nets. Slowly but steadily the Nets made improvement and now they find themselves in Title or bust town right now. They traded for Deron Williams, signed Joe Johnson and drafted Brook Lopez to make the building pieces of a winning team.  The team around them had an early exit in this years playoffs but now this team has to win because of what they have done. The Celtics decided to blow up their team and this might be an understatement. The Nets acquired Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry (which people seem to forget but last time i checked is a 38% 3 point shooter for his career and has made the 4th most 3’s of all time and was an influential part of the 2011 Mavericks run to the title). That was just for everyone that forgets the Nets got 3 Celtics not two future hall of famers but probably 3.  These three guys can flat out ball still even though they are getting “old”. I still trust them and say that a starting line up of Deron Williams at the 1, Joe Johnson at the 2, Paul Pierce at the 3, KG at the 4 and Lopez at the 5 is the best starting five in the league hands down. Now lets look at the bench that already has Terry but has pieces there like rebounding machine Reggie Evans, versatile big man Andrey Blatche and a promising looking rookie Mason Plumlee. Oh wait there happens to be a Russian Gem the Nets also got Andrei Kirilenko (AK47).  How the Nets got this guy for the bargain they did we don’t know. He can really be a game changer coming off the bench and really can be a catalyst for the team. With all these moves made by the Nets it really is win now time. Not even win now, these moves were made to win a championship or bust.

#1 Houston Rockets

2012-2013 season 45-37 8th in Western Conference. Lost in 1st round to Oklahoma City Thunder

hardenTwo years ago the Rockets missed the playoffs by two games in the shortened season by the lockout. Then right before last season started the Thunder shocked the basketball world by trading James Harden to the Rockets. The Rockets also signed Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik and drafted Chandler Parsons to make a good foundation. They gave the Thunder a little fight but the Rockets clearly needed more to contend with the best. Dwight Howard had a forgettable season in L.A. and with this being his third team in three years the pressure on him to win is enormous. He is paired with a great young and athletic shooting guard in Harden and they have nice 3 point shooting around them but they really are going to rely on the backs on Harden and Howard. Now people might look at the Nets to be in more pressure to win but the Nets don’t have one of the most scrutinized players in the league on their team. Yes, Dwight Howard is an amazing player and I would love to build a team around him just with all the media pressure he has to win now. He has a great head coach in Kevin McHale and pretty much another coach in arguably the greatest big man in NBA history Hakeem Olajuwon. These are two great people to work with and this team should benefit. The Rockets at least this year need to make the Western Conference finals. The Spurs are a year older but will be good that is a given. The Thunder are very unpredictable this year and the Clippers are the same in my opinion. The West will be a dog fight but I see the second coming of Shaq and Kobe (i know that is a lot of praise) but it can happen. Don’t be surprised Dwight but you really have to win and I believe you can.