What is More Important, LA or a Global Game?


One of the proposed stadiums for a new team in LA.

Recent talks of getting the NFL in Los Angeles has me beginning to wonder if it really matters that the NFL is in LA. The NFL has a product that is not matched by any other professional sport. There are small market teams and large market teams and not only do small market teams contend with large market teams but they consistently win divisions and conferences over large market teams.

Plans to build the infrastructure in Los Angeles have been floating around for a while now and more recently a new stadium plan has been released in the midst of the recent push for LA. Building a stadium will either drawing a current team to Los Angeles or attract someone to start from scratch.

The NFL has been considering the options of either moving a team such as the local and former LA team, the Raiders, or the team that will be going for sale soon, the Bills. The other option that they could possibly look at is to expand the NFL and create a new team in Los Angeles. If they were to add a team into the NFL they would have to expand elsewhere. London?

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AFC West

Payton Manning

Time to finish off the powerhouse conference AFC West.

Denver Broncos ( 14-2 )

The Denver Broncos are setting up Payton Manning to have his best season yet. With the new addition of Wes Welker to the already strong receiving corp. This team reached the AFC Championship game and finished 13-3 last year and with nothing but improvements to this team it is hard to count them out of anything. Payton Manning was 68.6 comp % with 4659 yards and 37 TDs last year, and with the addition of Wes Welker to throw it to and Monte Ball to hand it off to this offense looks to be a threat.  I really like their draft pick in Monte Ball. Sure some will say that there were better running backs on the board at the time but i think that Ball really fits well into this offense. He will be their go to guy when they get into that 3rd and short situations and there in luck because that’s his specialty.

They lost Elvis Doomerville in a strange stretch of a few days but they still have Von Miller to scare offenses. One big problem, Miller is out for the first 4 games this season due to suspensions so until they get him back they will have be creative and find a way to get to the quarterback. Maybe Sean Phillips will step up for a short period in those 4 games to patch up the temporary hole. They have some good offenses in that stretch of games with a home game with Baltimore and on the road in New York to play the Giants so it will be a tough task but I think Phillips can do it.

San Diego Chargers ( 7-9 )

Year in and year out we overrate this offense, but every year they always seem to disappoint us and lack the spark that is needed for a playoff run.  They have an average set of receivers and of course Rivers but that is about it. Last year they were 6th to last in rushing and even with Danny Woodhead trying to help out I don’t think it will make much of a difference.

There defense isn’t very draw dropping either. Their average defense will might get some help for Manti Te’o, his girlfriend and Dwight Freeney but I highly doubt it. Freeney is starting to lose his lust with age and I was never really impressed with Te’o on the field. I’m not very impressed this year with this team.

Kansas City Chiefs  (5-11)

Let the rebuilding begin. With Andy Reed at the head coach position, they set themselves up for success…in the future, This team is on the right track.  Alex Smith is a reliable quarterback that wont make many mistakes but he wont be No. 1 in the league either. Jamaal Charles is a very strong running back and the perfect combination of  speed and power. Dwayne Bowe and first overall pick Eric Fisher will be able to get the team by in a few games but wont be very constant.

Oakland Raiders ( 4-12 )

Darren McFadden is a decent back but is injury prone and causes the team trouble year after year. Their biggest problem is they have no quarterback to build around. There secondary is moving up with the draft pick DJ Hayden. There really isn’t much more to say about the Raiders, but don’t count on them causing any damage.

So what do you think?