Johnny Cleveland


Johnny Football should be the starting quarterback of the Browns without any question. He performed better in the preseason stats compared to Brian Hoyer. But even deeper than stats is common sense.

Hoyer is a five-year veteran while Manziel is rookie. Hoyer might have played good in the limited time he was the starter last year but it wasn’t a large enough sample size for some. Matt Flynn had one great game for the Packers and signed a huge deal with the Seahawks only to be beaten out by rookie Russell Wilson.

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What is More Important, LA or a Global Game?


One of the proposed stadiums for a new team in LA.

Recent talks of getting the NFL in Los Angeles has me beginning to wonder if it really matters that the NFL is in LA. The NFL has a product that is not matched by any other professional sport. There are small market teams and large market teams and not only do small market teams contend with large market teams but they consistently win divisions and conferences over large market teams.

Plans to build the infrastructure in Los Angeles have been floating around for a while now and more recently a new stadium plan has been released in the midst of the recent push for LA. Building a stadium will either drawing a current team to Los Angeles or attract someone to start from scratch.

The NFL has been considering the options of either moving a team such as the local and former LA team, the Raiders, or the team that will be going for sale soon, the Bills. The other option that they could possibly look at is to expand the NFL and create a new team in Los Angeles. If they were to add a team into the NFL they would have to expand elsewhere. London?

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NFC Pandemonium


Not one of the division leaders have clinched a playoff berth in the NFC. Teams have bounced around their divisions like a pinball machine.  So lets take a closer look with their final chance at making the playoffs.

NFC North
The Bears could have taken the North Sunday night with a win over the Eagles, but not so fast. The Philly Eagles said no one is clinching yet. They Bears were embarrassed and lost 54-11. Forte was held to 29 rushing yard and 0 TDs. The biggest question is at quarterback. When the Bear’s starter Jay Cutler fell to an injury they replaced him with the impressive Josh McCown.  With 8 game this year, He threw 13 TDs, 1,829 yards and only 1 INT. Continue reading

Tebow Time?


The die hard Broncos fans might have not liked Tebow as their quarterback but are they really going to complain when he takes a 1-4 team to a 8-8 record, a division title, and a playoff game win?

Tim Tebow was given one real chance to play in the NFL. It has been two years since the Denver Broncos played and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2011 wildcard round in OT off a throw from none other than Tim Tebow. On a team with the 20th ranked defense in the NFL he led the team from a 1-4 start when he took over to win seven games and lose four and win a division title as well as a wild card game against the Pittsburg Steelers. The Steelers also happened to have the #1 ranked defense in the NFL that year. Since then Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets, cut from the Jets, signed by the Patriots and then cut from them. Yes, we understand that the Broncos traded Tebow but who wouldn’t want Peyton Manning as their quarterback? And the Jets are just a mess. The Patriots have some guy named Tom Brady on their team. He was a sixth round draft pick so he must not be good. But does every team in the NFL have guys playing Quarterback with the last name Manning or Brady? We didn’t think so. So some of us here at The Backfield have decided to show you why Tebow should still be an NFL QB. This season there has been 53 Quarterbacks to play in an NFL game and for those of you who do not know there are only 32 NFL teams. In this article we have different views of all these Quarterbacks and what categories they fit into. Continue reading

Heisman Hoax

The Heisman Trophy will be presented tonight to the best college football athlete. Yeah right, more like the college football player that got the most TV time during the season. A lot of “experts” are calling this Jameis Winston’s coronation, but there are other players that have a legitimate chance at winning the trophy. The 6 finalist are Jordan Lynch, Johnny Manziel, Tre Mason, AJ McCarron, Andre Williams, and of course Jameis Winston. But here is my argument; do you really want to win the Heisman?

Jay Berwanger was the first Heisman winner but never played a game in the NFL

Jay Berwanger was the first Heisman winner but never played a game in the NFL

The Heisman trophy has been awarded to the best college football player every year since 1935 when it was awarded to Jay Berwanger, a senior running back out of Chicago University. He was drafted in the NFLs first inaugural draft by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1936 but demanded too much of the Eagles ($1,ooo a game) so he was traded to the Chicago Bears. He did not sign right away to try to make the Olympic decathlon team but when he didn’t make it, he and the Bears weren’t able to agree on a contract and so he got a job at a local rubber factory and never played a down in the NFL.

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Can Manning Be Stopped?

Eagles Broncos Football

No doubt the most dominant quarterback in the NFL, Payton Manning understands the game better than anyone. I think there is one question that every NFL fan is asking, how the %#&^$ do you stop him!?!? Well, to be honest I don’t have the answer. But I can try to give you an idea.

The best way I think is to try to beat the Broncos, don’t try to beat Payton. Face the fact that you will not beat their offence. They average 358.5  passing yards a game, that is first in the NFL. Their only lose came against the Colts and even then they scored 33 points and Manning still had 386 yards. So that’s not how you win, don’t try to shut down their defense.

Go after their pass defense.  They average 299.1 opponent passing yards, only 30th in the NFL. Andrew Luck was able to throw all over their weak secondary and had 228 yards and 3 touchdowns. Those aren’t MVP stats but they aren’t chump change either.

So moral of the story, you can’t beat Payton Manning. He knows and understands defensive schemes better then most offensive and defensive coordinators.
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Big Bully

WP-IncognitoMartinNFL players are looked on as big rough and tough guys, and they are on the field. But sometimes in the locker rooms there are players that will cross the line. Jonathan Martin filed player misconduct complaint after claiming he was being bullied by Riche Incognito. Rookie hazing has been a controversial topic from the beginning. But when it expands past that it becomes a problem.

Riche Incognito has been known to be a dirty player. In 2009 he was named the NFL’s dirties player. There has to be a switch you can turn on when your on the field then turn it off when you off the field. Players can’t be justified for racist comments.

Transcripts of voice mails and text messages left by Richie Incognito for teammate Jonathan Martin. On of these voice mails is as follows.

“Hey, wassup, you half n—— pieces of s—–. I saw you on Twitter, you been training 10 weeks. [I want to] s—– in your f—-ing mouth. [I’m going to] slap your real mother across the face [laughter]. F— you, you’re still a rookie. I’ll kill you.”

This was received by Jonathan Martin in April 2013, a year after he was drafted. There is a difference between rookie hazing and bulling. Racism has no place in a work place where 80% of the league are minorities. Players and coaches in the Dolphins organization clam they did not know this was going on in the locker room, which is hard to believe seeing that teammates rely on each other on and off the field.

Incognito has been suspended indefinitely while the NFL does an investigation. Jonathan Martin left the team and is uncertain if he will return. it will be interesting to see the repercussions that the Dolphins and the NFL will receive.

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NFL mid-season awards


Week eight is now over and that means the NFL regular season is now half way over.  Which can only mean one thing the Brown,Bills,Buccaners and Jaguars all look to miss up another draft class in a few months. Well, alright maybe two things happen the bad team stuff and then everybody’s favorite thing MID-SEASON AWARDS so lets get started

MVP-Peyton Manning, QB, Denver- well this one is pretty obvious, Manning is on pace to shatter Brady’s touchdown recorded by 12+. he has the Broncos playing the best offensive football in the league and he deserves the award so far through 8 weeks he is on pace to break Tom Brady’s touchdown recorded.

Offensive player of the year
– Jamal Charles, RB, Kansas City- Charles is a big reason the Chiefs are 9-0, as he accounts for 38% of their total offense, The Chiefs have to be careful though as they just may over use him before the playoffs.

Defnsive player of the year– Tamba Hali, DE/OLB, Kansas City- Now the real reson the Cheifs are 9-0, Their defense led by Hall which has 37 sacks, thats 10 more then the Bills who are second in the league, Hall shows no signs of slowing down any time soon

Offensive Rookie of the year- Kendrall Tompokins, WR, New England- This undrafted rookie has quickly become Tom Brady’s favorite target and that takes a lot to do. Tompokis has a bright future ahead of him

Defensive Rookie of the year- Kiko Alonso,MLB, Buffalo-The 2nd round pick has over done his expectations as he leds all rookies in tackles with almost 90, he is a big reason the Bils D has improved

What the Heck Did The Browns Just Do?

20130922-205926.jpgNot very often do professional sports teams trade away their best player. The Cleveland Browns’ fans (if there are any) have had it rough, only 1 winning season in the last 10 years. Trent Richardson was their knight is shining armor ready to save the day and restore their hopes and dreams….and now he is gone. The Browns front office has changed quite frequently in the last 5 years. There hasn’t been to much good news surrounding this team.

So why in the world would they trade away their best player? Trent Richardson has broke into the NFL last year as the 3rd overall pick in the 2012 draft. He had off-season arthroscopic surgery to remove some cartilage fragments in his left knee and missed his first preseason. He finished with a solid rookie season rushing for 950 yards on 267 carries and 11 TDs. Things started to look up for the Browns now that they have a player that looks like they can build a team around.

I was 276% sure the Browns were making a catastrophic mistake for their team. It seemed that they were robbed overnight and on the way out the thieves dropped a first round draft pick out of their back pocket, but didn’t feel it was worth going back in to get. Richardson was supposed to be the future if this team. He was supposed to put this team back on his feet, why did they get rid of him?

But not so fast. Trent Richardson may not be as good as everyone thinks. After looking through the numbers he only averaged 3.9 yards per carry last year and 3.4 so far this year, both with an offensive line that is not bad. He only played half of Cleveland’s plays last week. The Brown’s have only converted on 5 of 27, 3rd downs.  Last year on 267 carries, he had only 14 carries of 10 or more yards and never showed any real explosiveness. Maybe it was all just an illusion because of how bad their quarterback is. But surly they could have gotten more for him than one first round draft pick.

This is where we may see a change in the NFL. In the NFL there is always a strive to win and be the best you can be. And yes that’s what makes fans happy, but there may be the change to a system like the NBA. Either be at the top or the bottom, no in-between. They want to truly rebuild and start from scratch, and moving players around and getting what they can get is a smart way to build for the future.

Maybe the Browns aren’t as crazy as everyone thinks, actually maybe getting rid of Richardson was the best move for them so they don’t get caught up in the Trent Richardson illusion.

AFC West

Payton Manning

Time to finish off the powerhouse conference AFC West.

Denver Broncos ( 14-2 )

The Denver Broncos are setting up Payton Manning to have his best season yet. With the new addition of Wes Welker to the already strong receiving corp. This team reached the AFC Championship game and finished 13-3 last year and with nothing but improvements to this team it is hard to count them out of anything. Payton Manning was 68.6 comp % with 4659 yards and 37 TDs last year, and with the addition of Wes Welker to throw it to and Monte Ball to hand it off to this offense looks to be a threat.  I really like their draft pick in Monte Ball. Sure some will say that there were better running backs on the board at the time but i think that Ball really fits well into this offense. He will be their go to guy when they get into that 3rd and short situations and there in luck because that’s his specialty.

They lost Elvis Doomerville in a strange stretch of a few days but they still have Von Miller to scare offenses. One big problem, Miller is out for the first 4 games this season due to suspensions so until they get him back they will have be creative and find a way to get to the quarterback. Maybe Sean Phillips will step up for a short period in those 4 games to patch up the temporary hole. They have some good offenses in that stretch of games with a home game with Baltimore and on the road in New York to play the Giants so it will be a tough task but I think Phillips can do it.

San Diego Chargers ( 7-9 )

Year in and year out we overrate this offense, but every year they always seem to disappoint us and lack the spark that is needed for a playoff run.  They have an average set of receivers and of course Rivers but that is about it. Last year they were 6th to last in rushing and even with Danny Woodhead trying to help out I don’t think it will make much of a difference.

There defense isn’t very draw dropping either. Their average defense will might get some help for Manti Te’o, his girlfriend and Dwight Freeney but I highly doubt it. Freeney is starting to lose his lust with age and I was never really impressed with Te’o on the field. I’m not very impressed this year with this team.

Kansas City Chiefs  (5-11)

Let the rebuilding begin. With Andy Reed at the head coach position, they set themselves up for success…in the future, This team is on the right track.  Alex Smith is a reliable quarterback that wont make many mistakes but he wont be No. 1 in the league either. Jamaal Charles is a very strong running back and the perfect combination of  speed and power. Dwayne Bowe and first overall pick Eric Fisher will be able to get the team by in a few games but wont be very constant.

Oakland Raiders ( 4-12 )

Darren McFadden is a decent back but is injury prone and causes the team trouble year after year. Their biggest problem is they have no quarterback to build around. There secondary is moving up with the draft pick DJ Hayden. There really isn’t much more to say about the Raiders, but don’t count on them causing any damage.

So what do you think?