Make Your Fantasy Football League Better (cont.)

Rules 6-10 are a little more of a preference. To see rules 1-5 click here. But 10 is a must, it should be number 1 but it fits at the end. Like Boomer would say, Read ’em and weep.



Week 11 Rankings


Alabama is once again first in the 3rd edition of the BCS Rankings. I personably believe that it is a legacy position and rightfully so, seeing that they have been the most dominate team in the NCAA. 

The Seminols were able to jump the Oregon Ducks to take No. 2. Florida State had a huge win against No. 7 Miami, 41-14 while Alabama and Oregon were on their bye week. 

Huge games are set up by the rankings. Alabama will have it’s arguably hardest matchup thus week when they go against No. 13 LSU. Oregon will have to face off against the other PAC-12 powerhouse in Stanford. All 4 teams are coming off bye weeks.

The Oregon, Florida State switch this week won’t stick around very long. If and when the Ducks beat Stanford, they will move back to No. 2. Florida State will have there work cut out for them is the want tone n the BCS Championship game when the bowl season rolls around.

Here are this weeks rankings, comment below with your reaction. Read ’em and weap.

Week 11 BCS Rankings
Ranking Team BCS Average
1 Alabama (8-0) .9797
2 Florida State (8-0) .9525
3 Oregon (8-0) .9435
4 Ohio State (9-0) .8720
5 Stanford (7-1) .7930
6 Baylor (7-0) .7745
7 Clemson (8-1) .7277
8 Missouri (8-1) .6890
9 Auburn (8-1) .6686
10 Oklahoma (7-1) .6084
11 Miami (FL) (7-1) .5246
12 South Carolina (7-2) .5111
13 LSU (7-2) .4525
14 Oklahoma State (7-1) .4395
15 Texas A&M (7-2) .4365
16 Fresno State (8-0) .3675
17 Michigan State (8-1) .3394
18 Northern Illinois (9-0) .3169
19 UCLA (6-2) .2904
20 Louisville (7-1) .2510
21 UCF (6-1) .2151
22 Arizona State (6-2) .1770
23 Notre Dame (7-2) .1662
24 Wisconsin (6-2) .1288
25 Texas Tech (7-2) .0986

The Last Pitch

Written by inspirational writer and former baseball pitcher Evan Sanders from The Better Man Project.


I’ll never forget the day.

Headphones in. “Shoot to thrill” by AC/DC pumping in my ears. Head bobbing to the rhythm. Glove in hand, ball in the other. Sitting on the bucket breathing getting ready for the game. That moment was the start to a very special day. That day, was none other than the biggest and most anticipated pre-season game of my junior year. Our crosstown rivals had a pitcher who was predicted to be a top 10 pick in the draft that year and a team full of Division 1 prospects. They fancied themselves to be a pretty good team, which they were, but we knew that we were going to give them hell. I knew, even though I was nervous sitting on the bucket listening to my music, that I was going to bring something to the table that day.

The opposing pitcher sauntered out to the mound, threw his warm-up pitches, and proceeded to strike out the first three batters that came to the plate. Yep, he was exactly as good as he was made out to be. Standing at 6 foot 5 and throwing a blistering 95-97, not many of our hitters had a chance. Many of them knew it too.

I didn’t like their team too much. They never played “clean” baseball, were always fooling around and because they had top prospects, thought they were much better than they actually were. Even more, their larger than life pitcher was an absolute jerk who thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. As for me, well, I was there to prove him wrong.

I walked out and answered the call. I struck out the first 3 batters and sat down. From that point on, it was on between us.

Then he came out and repeated his first inning – another 3 K’s.

I came back out and matched his efforts.


“When the machine is running on all cylinders and everyone is playing for something greater than themselves, the team wins.”

Both of us struck out the first 9 batters of the game and continued to throw up zeroes on the scoreboard. This was turning into one of the finest pitching battles that our team had been in during recent times. I had something to prove being the underdog. And right from the start, I snapped “into the zone” and my sole focus was to continue giving my team the best chance to win.

Two errors in bottom of the 7th (you only play 7 innings in high school) cost us the game. We lost 1-0.

But this story isn’t about wins or losses. This story is about coming up against fear and a deemed “insurmountable obstacle” and competing with everything you have. That’s what sports are about. Sports are about giving your best not only for yourself, but for the team. When the machine is running on all cylinders and everyone is playing for something greater than themselves, the team wins. And when a team is on a roll it is incredibly hard to stop.

And isn’t this what life is about in general? When you play for yourself and you don’t create a “team” of people around you who support you and believe in your dreams as well…you lose. But when you believe in something bigger than yourself, whether that be an idea or a cause, and you involve others… incredible things can happen. You begin turning dreams into realities. You become familiar with what it is like to set a goal and to attack it with white-hot passion and vigor. And in the end, you learn that even in your failures, if you gave it 100% and you stepped up to the mound and put your heart into the “game,” you have still won. You have still learned one of the most important lessons of all: to continue pursuing a dream no matter the trials or tribulations that face you.

Sports taught me a great deal about life and I know I will carry those lessons with me to the last pitch.


For more from Evan Sanders visit his website The Better Man Project or purchase his book on ITunes or Amazon.

Fantasy Football


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On A Pedestal

oj-car-chaseIn today’s world we idolize our athletes, and rightfully so. They can do the physically daunting tasks that we couldn’t dream of doing at the level they are. We all grow up playing a sport in the little leagues while we dreamed of signing the next big contract with your favorite team. As kids, all we do is dream.

When we stepped into a back-yard batter’s box, we would point our bats out to center field just as the Babe did. When we played tag football in the street, everyone wanted to make the diving catch in the end zone (or just past the mailboxes in our case) to win the game. Continue reading

What kind of fan are you?

Are you a true fan?

{Subject to Change}

Disclosure: my sports fandemonium is mostly Chicago based with the Blackhawks, Bears, White Sox, and Bulls (in that order). I’m certainly aware of the Cubs but personally would love to see an 0-162 season from them someday only to watch the ensuing mass depression take place across not only Chicago, but also the country.

The other day I heard an interesting concept about sports fans and their loyalty and I thought it did a great job of summarizing the difference between what some call a casual fan versus the type that is labeled die-hard. The explanation sort of went like this:

A casual fan is more interested in the game or even the sport itself. A die-hard is passionate about the team.

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The Art of the Bracket


NCAA Tournament brackets have been around for years and have became intertwined in the fabric of American society.

The tradition of brackets date back to the Wimbledon tennis tournament. When the NCAA Tournament started, filling out brackets became a hit

Now everyone wants to pick that perfect bracket. It’s not easy. Only a few in the country can. There are hundreds of variables to take into account. What if this guy gets hurt? Does this team even have a chance?(probably) Did their star player get a goodnight sleep?(yeah, really).

People today are bracket crazy. Us sports nerds print out 20+ brackets each year and try to find the all the possibilities for each game. We nerds are crazy for this. Whether you draw your own for your friend’s pool, print it off the web (click here for printer friendly bracket ), draw it up on Microsoft excel, or be more like President Obama and use a white board and marker, the art of bracketology is not lost.

I personally, can’t wait till the tournament. Just the hype around everything and the incredible games. The tournament this year is going to be even more fun because of the even more likely hood of close games and upsets if the tournament is anything like the regular season.