Seminoles Have a Record Day

With a 59-3 win over Wake Forest, Florida State set two records in one game. The first being the amount of points scored in Wake Forest’s stadium. The previous record was 56 points set in 1994. Jameis Winston had two touchdowns in just a little over two quarters, adding to his Heisman like stats.

But the offense was not the only one putting up big points. The defense tied Florida States record of interceptions in a game, 6. Nate Andrews returning one of them for 56 yards. The defense also scored on Jalen Ramsey’s fumble recovery. A defense that can score is always a good sign especially towards the end of the year.

Big games are determined by big special teams plays. Although Florida State was projected to win their special teams came to play. Late in the game Levonte Whitifiled took one back 97 yards on spectacular return. Plays like that could end up being the difference in a big game for the Seminoles.

After watching this game do the Seminoles deserve to be number 1? The answer to that will be determined by how well the Crimson Tide play tonight against LSU. With all the media tension that Nick Saban has been under can the Tigers pull off the upset and boost Florida State up to number 1?


NFC North Preview

Green Bay Packers (predicted 11-5)

For the past couple of years the Packers have been a team to reckoned with, Aaron Rogers has been one of the major reasons for this dynasty.  Rogers has many veteran receivers back in his huddle.   Not only are have these receivers been in the league for a while, but Rogers has thrown to them before.  The Packers running back situation is one that scares a lot of Cheese Heads.  The number one and number two backs on the depth chart are rookies Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin.  There is no reason to be worried about these two backs.  If you watched college football you saw the explosive plays from both Lacy and Franklin.  Both of these backs will see a lot of play time throughout the year.   the number three man DeJuan Harris has only one year of experience and the number four man Alex Green has three.  Young backs are not always a bad thing in the NFL they tend be more healthy than veteran backs.

The Packers defense may be the thing that has led the team to many wins.  Needless to say the Packers have the best or one of the best defenses in the league.  Led by showy linebackers Clay Matthews and A.J. Hawk.  The packers defense is made of of all veterans besides one defensive end Datone Jones from UCLA.

Chicago Bears (predicted 10-6)

The Bears have a favorable schedule this year.  Out of all twenty-two starters on the Bears this year only one rookie will start, Kyle Long the guard out of Oregon.  Matt Forte who has been one of the Leagues best backs the last several years will run behind a very experienced line, there is nothing better than that.  The passing attack for the Bears will be very dangerous this year.  Jay cutler throwing to Alshon Jefferey and Brandon Marshall.  Jefferey who is still young had a great career at South Carolina, while Marshalll has been making some noise in the NFL.

The Bears defense is strong.  Not one rookie will get the start this year on d.  Some say have rookie starters is good, but when you have a defense that has been playing in the league for a long time that is maturity that most teams would pay for.

Detroit Lions (predicted 9-7) 

For years the Detroit Lions have been getting early round draft picks.  people have been wondering when all this great college talent will finally be modeled into a great team.  The time is now.  Although 9-7 is not a great record the improvement is great.  The Lions have a veteran offence led by Matthew Stafford.  Almost all the starters on both sides of the ball have approximately 5 years of experience this is because off all the early draft picks that they have had.

The defense has all the experience too.  Only one rookie is getting the start and that is Ezekiel Ansah who had a great year at BYU.  So why not the Lions in 2013?

Minnesota Vikings (predicted 8-8)

Christian Ponder looks to have a great years this year.  At the receiver position there is not a lot of veteran depth.  Besides Jerome Simpson and Greg Jennings the Vikings are very young at the receiver position.  The running backs will be the key part of the offence as long as Adrian Peterson stays healthy.  Toby Gerhart is a good back, but not good enough to carry the team.

On the defensive side of the ball the d-line is very strong, led by Jared Allen.  Rookie Gerald Hodges from Penn State will get the start at WLB.  The middle linebacker and the strong-side linebacker are experienced  but not the best.  The problem with the Vikings this year will be the young defensive backs.

Is It Time for the Patriots to hit the panic button?

ImageWill the Patriots be the same powerhouse that they have been in years past without their stellar receivers. With Wes Welker gone to the Mile High City, Brandon Lloyd a free agent, Rob Gronkowski on the PUP list and Aaron Hernandez in jail, what is next for the Patriots? The only one of those to still remain with the Patriots is Rob Gronkowski who will be limited by his injuries. Who is the fifth leading receiver on the Patriots you ask? The answer: Danny Woodhead running back, who has run off to the San Diego Chargers.

So who will Tom Brady be throwing to. Number one on the Patriots depth chart Julian Edelman who was 6th in receptions for the Patriots in 2012 and Danny Amendola who the Patriots got from the Rams. Michael Jenkins who played for the Vikings in 2012 will also be joining the line up. two promising rookies also are looking for a starting spot in 2013: Aaron Dobson from Marshall(2nd Round 59 overall) and Josh Boyce from TCU (4th Round 102 overall). Now what about Gronk? If Gronk’s injuries kick in it looks like Michael Hoomanawanui will getting the start, who was 9th on the team in 2012 in receptions.

Tom Brady and his new receivers will have to put in a lot of work to get the chemistry that last years team had. It may be mid season by the time they start to “click”. Will the new hands in New England be a good thing for Tom or will it be the beginning of his downfall?

NCAA Preseason Top 25

  1. Alabama-With the return of AJ McCarron at quarterback, TJ Yeldon at tailback and Amari Cooper at wide receiver what’s not to love about the Crimson Tide?
  2. Ohio State– Coming off an undefeated 2012 season with no bowl, Ohio State looks to get to where they should have been the BCS National Championship.  Braxton Miller and Urban Meyer are full steam ahead for Pasadena
  3. Oregon– With Coach Kelly going to Philly will the offense be as strong? If Marcus Mariota and De’Anthony Thomas have anything to say about it no.

    Don’t worry we got this!

  4. Louisville– Is it to early tosay teddy Bridgewater for Heisman? It may be, but after the season he had last year its hard to.  Louisville is a favorite to win their new confrence the ACC.
  5. Stanford– Kevin Hogan looks to be throwing to some new hands at Stanford with young talent coming in.  Going to three consecutive BCS Bowl games is nota bad thing either.
  6. Texas A&M– Johnny “Football”  “Heisman” “Twitter” Manziel.  With all the off season publicity that Manziel has brought to A&M will it be a good thing for him and the team or will Manziel have a sophomore slump.  Coach Kevin Sumlin looks to have backed Manziel in all his off season wrong doings.
  7. Georgia– Spurrier!! Do you thin the Gamecocks are ready for September 7?? The big match up that may decide the SEC East: South Carolina at Georgia September 7 .With Aaron Murray back at quarterback the Dogs look to be the favorite for the SEC East.  Although the Dogs must replace Jarvis Jones and other stud defense-men Murray looks to put the team on his back.
  8. South Carolina– Without Marcus Lattimore  the dogs look for new talent at the tailback position.  Freshman David Williams looks to be in the mix for the starting spot.  At quarterback Connor Shaw  and Connor Mitch looks to be in competition with each other.  Jadeveon Clowney will lead the defensive side of the ball with his big hits.  The Gamecocks need to be all to win the SEC East.
  9. Clemson–  Tajh Boyd throwing to Sammy Watkins is there a better combination than that?? Tajh may be one of the top quarterbacks at the end of the season with the spread offense that the Tigers run.  Clemson could win the ACC and maybe even have a chance at the BCS only if the defense steps up.  The offense may put up big numbers, but that means nothing without a defense.
  10. Michigan- After two consecutive years of Brady Hoke bringing in top 10 recruiting classes the Wolverines may be more of a threat than some people think.  Devin Gardner is the leader of the Wolverine offense that brought in the #5 tailback (Derrick Green).  Fitzgerald Toussaint returns from a broken leg that occurred last season.
  11. Florida
  12. Notre Dame
  13. Texas
  14. Oklahoma State
  15. Florida State
  16. LSU
  17. Oklahoma
  18. TCU
  19. UCLA
  20. Kansas State
  21. Boise State
  22. Nebraska
  23. USC
  24. Northwestern
  25. Wisconsin

Honorable Mention: Vanderbilt, Miami, Penn State, Virginia Tech and Ole Miss