Mega Trade

The trade finalized today by the Cav’s, T’Wolves, and 76er’s has league shifting implications.  Even better every team involved obtained what they wanted.  It can be said there was no losers.

The Cav’s traded for Kevin Love by giving up Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennet to the T’Wolves and sending a first rounder via Miami to Philly.  The deal can be seen as immediately vaulting the Cavs into the drivers seat in the East.  Le’bron may have been going home but he has arguably a better team than in Miami.  The two things I love is that Lebron is no longer going to have to guard centers ever.  He has Varejo, Thompson, and Love in the front court to ease the body usage down low.  Also unlike in Miami Lebron has a legit PG to play with.  Thats no disrespect to Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole but Kyrie is a much better player.  The Cav’s now posses limitless potential on offense.  Their only problem will be on defense and buckling down on that side of the ball.  Even with losing huge potential in the long run with Wiggins and Bennent the Cav’s are an instant legit contender.

Minnesota now has huge potential with the trade.  Wiggins like Jabari Parker seems on board to build with the teams they play for and this could turn out well for the NBA in the long run.  The T’Wolves already have Ricky Rubio, Kevin Martin, and Nikola Pekovic on their roster.  Now add in Zach LaVine,  Thaddeus Young, Wiggins, and Bennett that is a solid looking team in a few years if everyone pans out. Even really a team with that kind of talent could compete for a championship with that kind of talent.  It may seem unrealstic but the possibility is there.  The talent is there it all comes down to development and team building. The group of players could be a scary one in a few years.

How can we forget the 76er’s who seem to know exactly what they are doing.  They traded away their best player for Luc Mbah a Moute, Alexey Shved, and another all important 1st round draft pick.  Moute can help Joel Embiid transition to the NBA as both are from Cameroon and the 1st rounder is key.  The 76ers have tanked so hard and have acquired a wealth of young talent. With two first rounders next year and one looking to be a top three pick the 76ers are setting themselves up to turn the corner starting in 2016.  With a group of high draft picks the 76ers can become a force to be reckon with if everyone pans out and that could be the case.

The trade at the end of the day seems to benefit every team in the ways they wanted/needed.  The T’Wolves needed to get something for Love and they got exactly what they wanted.  The Cav’s are going to compete for years to come at a very high level.  The 76ers got worse which for some reason means they got better? Only time will tell.


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