Johnny Cleveland


Johnny Football should be the starting quarterback of the Browns without any question. He performed better in the preseason stats compared to Brian Hoyer. But even deeper than stats is common sense.

Hoyer is a five-year veteran while Manziel is rookie. Hoyer might have played good in the limited time he was the starter last year but it wasn’t a large enough sample size for some. Matt Flynn had one great game for the Packers and signed a huge deal with the Seahawks only to be beaten out by rookie Russell Wilson.

The upside is too much with Manziel to not start him. Especially with a rookie head coach you’d think he’d want the guy he drafted to start. Regardless of the antics Manziel reportedly does he still is the way better option.

Todays NFL defenses are bigger, faster, and stronger. Quarterbacks not named Peyton, Tom, and Drew need at least some mobility. Running can never be the main source of offense for an NFL QB but the ability to move around is needed.

Hoyer might be the person who won games last year or acted more professionally this offseason but the upside on Johnny is way to much. A kid with a competitive drive few athletes have on this planet now added with the natural football instinct Manziel possesses is once in a generation talent.

It may be ugly the first year but not every great quarterback started out their career great. Just ask Peyton Manning or Troy Aikman. All the upside is in Manziel and anyone should want to him to start.

If things don’t work out then it isn’t the end of the world as many first round QB’s have failed before. Looking at upside and the two QB’s themselves I’d want Manziel to start and at least see what happens.

There is still plenty of room to grow but if the finished product for him in the NFL rivals what he did in college then the Browns have a QB for the next 10 years to count on. With the history of the Browns since moving back to Cleveland, Johnny Football needs all the opportunity to become Johnny Cleveland.


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