NFC Pandemonium


Not one of the division leaders have clinched a playoff berth in the NFC. Teams have bounced around their divisions like a pinball machine.  So lets take a closer look with their final chance at making the playoffs.

NFC North
The Bears could have taken the North Sunday night with a win over the Eagles, but not so fast. The Philly Eagles said no one is clinching yet. They Bears were embarrassed and lost 54-11. Forte was held to 29 rushing yard and 0 TDs. The biggest question is at quarterback. When the Bear’s starter Jay Cutler fell to an injury they replaced him with the impressive Josh McCown.  With 8 game this year, He threw 13 TDs, 1,829 yards and only 1 INT. But when Cutler came back from injury the team made the unpopular decision and benched McCown. I think that they are better off with McCown. He is first in the NFL in QB rating with a 85.0 QBR. That is better than the record setting Payton Manning who has a 82.2 QBR. He has done a really good job considering he was thrown in last minute.

The Packers have to deal with this Chicago Bears team that got destroyed last week. They could have held a share of the lead but they struggled with mistakes against the Steelers in the snow, but the snow wasn’t the problem. Mental issues such as a offsides on a Steelers field goal to give them a first down. They also have a QB question. Aaron Rodgers’ status will be announced on Thursday and as it look it is not likely that he will be playing.

NFC East
The Eagles and the Cowboys will be facing off to play for the lone playoff slot in the east. The Eagles are coming off a 54-11 blowout win over Chicago and held Matt Forte to only 29 yards rushing. With the Eagles’ high octane offence, Dallas’ swiss cheese defense doesn’t stand a chance. Is Tony Romo their only hope? Well the answer is in the question, Tony Romo wont be playing in this week 17 matchup to win a playoff spot due to a reported herniated disk that would require surgery. Cowboys  aren’t saying he is completely ruled out for Sunday’s matchup and they are hoping a  pain-relieving shot will allow him to play through the pain. Most people, including me believe it is just a mental strategy to keep the Eagles honest in their practices and prepare for both Romo or Kyle Orton who would be the starter it Romo isn’t cleared.


About Kevin Bridge

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee majoring in journalism and electronic media. I am one of the co-founders of The Backfield Press.

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