Tebow Time?


The die hard Broncos fans might have not liked Tebow as their quarterback but are they really going to complain when he takes a 1-4 team to a 8-8 record, a division title, and a playoff game win?

Tim Tebow was given one real chance to play in the NFL. It has been two years since the Denver Broncos played and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2011 wildcard round in OT off a throw from none other than Tim Tebow. On a team with the 20th ranked defense in the NFL he led the team from a 1-4 start when he took over to win seven games and lose four and win a division title as well as a wild card game against the Pittsburg Steelers. The Steelers also happened to have the #1 ranked defense in the NFL that year. Since then Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets, cut from the Jets, signed by the Patriots and then cut from them. Yes, we understand that the Broncos traded Tebow but who wouldn’t want Peyton Manning as their quarterback? And the Jets are just a mess. The Patriots have some guy named Tom Brady on their team. He was a sixth round draft pick so he must not be good. But does every team in the NFL have guys playing Quarterback with the last name Manning or Brady? We didn’t think so. So some of us here at The Backfield have decided to show you why Tebow should still be an NFL QB. This season there has been 53 Quarterbacks to play in an NFL game and for those of you who do not know there are only 32 NFL teams. In this article we have different views of all these Quarterbacks and what categories they fit into.

Of those 53 Quarterbacks 25 of the 53 have not won in the playoffs that is 47% of the Quarterbacks that have played this year. The list of Quarterbacks that have not made the playoffs are: team they play for is after the dash, bold Quarterbacks have played in the playoffs but haven’t won.
Ryan Tannehill- Mia
Andy Dalton-Cin
Brandon Weeden, Jason Cambell, Brian Hoyer- Cle
Jake Locker and Ryan Fitzpatrick- Ten
Matt Schuab, Case Keenum- Hou
Robert Griffen III, Kirk Cousins- Wash
Nick Foles- Phi
Seneca Wallace, Matt Flynn, Scott Tolzien- GB
Matt Cassel, Christian Ponder, Josh Freeman- Min
Josh McCown- Chi
Sam Bradford, Kellen Clemens-Stl
Cam Newton- Car
Thad Lewis- Buf
Matt Sims- NYJ
Terrelle Pryor- Oak

There are six rookies that have played this year
E.J. Manuel, Jeff Tuel-Buf
Geno Smith- NYJ
Mike Glennon-TB
Matt Barkley-Phi
Matt McGloin-Oak

And Geno Smith the turnover machine is looking great for the Jets. He already has 18 INT’s in 11 games while Tim Tebow had six in 11 games he started in 2011 for Denver. Yes Tebow did have 13 fumbles and lost six. And Smith has seven and lost one but in a game where turnovers are key 12 over 11 games is better than 19 over 11 games.

Tim Tebow was also a 1st round draft pick taken as the 25th pick in the 2010 draft. Sam Bradford was the 1st pick in that year the other Quarterbacks taken in that draft were:
Jimmy Clasuen- 2nd round 48th overall-Car
Colt McCoy- 3rd round 85th overall-Clev
Mike Kafka- 4th round 122nd overall-Phi
John Skelton- 5th round 155th overall-Aiz
Jonathan Crompton- 5th round 168th overall-Sd
Rusty Smith- 6th round 176 overall-Ten
Dan LeFevour- 6th round 181st overall-Chi
Joe Webb 6th round 199th overall-Min
Levi Brown 7th round 219th overall-Buf
Sean Canfield- 7th round 239th overall-NO
Zac Robinson- 7th round 250th overall-NE

None of these quarterbacks have ever won in the playoffs and let alone play in them because none of them have. He has arguably been the best NFL QB in this draft class with Sam Bradford. And quarterbacks are not drafted to be drafted teams draft Quarterbacks thinking they can contribute to the team is some way so every team saw some potential is these guys.

In the NFL there are 19 QB’s that have been taken in the 1st round. Of these quarterbacks eight were first overall picks.
The first overall picks are Peyton and Eli Manning, Alex Smith, Mike Vick, Cam Newton, Matt Stafford, Sam Bradford, and Andrew Luck.
Of the 19 quarterbacks that we’re take in the 1st round that have played in the NFL this year 8 haven’t played in a playoff game.
They are:
E.J. Manuel- rookie Buf
Brandon Weeden- Cle
Jake Locker- Ten
Josh Freeman- Min
Blaine Gabbert- Jax
Ryan Tannehill- Mia
Sam Bradford- Stl
Cam Newton- Car

Taking a look back at the #1 overall picks the Manning brothers have won super bowls. Eli has won two and Peyton has won one. Only Vick and Smith have also won playoff games.

The other guys that have been first round picks are a rookie EJ Manuel and here is the rest (You might have heard of them):

Ben Roethlisberger-Pit
Alex Smith-San/KC
Peyton Manning-Den
Eli Manning-NYG
Jay Cutler-Den/Chi
Matt Ryan-Atl
Aaron Rodgers-Gb
Andrew Luck-Ind
Mike Vick-Atl/Phi
Phillip Rivers-Sd
Joe Flacco-Bal


Tebow has the leadership and mental drive unlike most players have.

These are really the stable quarterbacks in the league minus Vick. Other non first round taken Quarterbacks that we would consider stable is a guy named Tom Brady,Drew Brees, Colin Kapernick, Andy Dalton, Tony Romo, Russel Wilson, Carson Palmer (he’s going a good job in Arizona). The other 1st rounder’s that haven’t won a playoff game that are stable are Stafford, Newton, Tannehill, and Bradford when he isn’t hurt. Nick Foles and Mike Glennon are playing good as of late but we still need to see how the stretch run to the end of the season goes.

Now take a look at the other teams that don’t have a stable Quarterback position.
The Browns have played three quarterbacks this season.
The Jaguars have played two.
The Raiders have played three.
The Bills have played three. Yes I know EJ has been hurt but they still have played three.
The Vikings have played three.
The Texans have played three.
The Titans have played two.

These teams are looking for any kind of boost they could possibly get. Tim Tebow could bring a spark to these teams and a winning attitude unlike any other. Tebow has the leadership and mental drive unlike most players have. He brings intangibles that not many other players could bring. He may not be as talented as the other quarterbacks on the teams listed above but he has won which is something most of those quarterbacks cant say.

Also Tim Tebow is a Heisman wining Quarterback and is the only Heisman winning QB to win a playoff game in the last 15 years. Of the 53 Quarterbacks to play this year these have also won a Heisman:

Carson Palmer-ARI

Sam Bradford-STL


Cam Newton-CAR

None of those players have won a playoff game and only RG3 and Carson Palmer have played in a playoff game. Yes their stats are better than Tebow and the may be a better NFL quarterback but have they won? Plamer has played in two playoff games and lost both. Bradford hasn’t played in the playoffs. Newton hasn’t either. RG3 has but his knee situation is very shaky right now. If you’re an NFL GM do you want some guy who can put up big stats and not win or win ugly? We think if you’re a true fan you want your team to win no matter how ugly it is. The die hard Broncos fans might have not liked Tebow as their quarterback but are they really going to complain when he takes a 1-4 team to a 8-8 record, a division title, and a playoff game win?

Tebow QBR was not great in 2011 season but it is better than some Quarterbacks that have started an NFL game this year. Tebow did not even have the worst QBR in 2011 of all starting Quarterbacks and belongs to Chad Henne who had a rating of 9.5 while Tebow had 29.4 rating. The Quarterbacks who have started at least one NFL game this year who have a lower QBR then Tebow are:

Josh Freeman-Tam/Min-18.9 QBR last in NFL

Thad Lewis-Buf (started 3 games in place of the injuerd E.J Manuel) 19.1 QBR 40th overall in NFL

Geno Smith-NYJ (Rookie) 23.4 QBR 39th overall in NFL

Brandon Weeden-CLE 23.9 QBR 38th overall in NFL

Chad Henne-JAX 26.4QBR 37th overall in NFL

The year that Tim Tebow started is 29.4 QBR was only 39th in the NFL, However is QBR is still better then these Quarterbacks who have all started multiple NFL games. Also like Tebow Freeman, Weeden and Henne where first round draft picks. None of these Quarterbacks have even come close to playing in the NFL playoffs, let alone win a playoff game against the #1 ranked defense in the league. Henne has been a started in both Miami and Jacksonville and has a worse QBR then Tebow.

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