NFL mid-season awards


Week eight is now over and that means the NFL regular season is now half way over.  Which can only mean one thing the Brown,Bills,Buccaners and Jaguars all look to miss up another draft class in a few months. Well, alright maybe two things happen the bad team stuff and then everybody’s favorite thing MID-SEASON AWARDS so lets get started

MVP-Peyton Manning, QB, Denver- well this one is pretty obvious, Manning is on pace to shatter Brady’s touchdown recorded by 12+. he has the Broncos playing the best offensive football in the league and he deserves the award so far through 8 weeks he is on pace to break Tom Brady’s touchdown recorded.

Offensive player of the year
– Jamal Charles, RB, Kansas City- Charles is a big reason the Chiefs are 9-0, as he accounts for 38% of their total offense, The Chiefs have to be careful though as they just may over use him before the playoffs.

Defnsive player of the year– Tamba Hali, DE/OLB, Kansas City- Now the real reson the Cheifs are 9-0, Their defense led by Hall which has 37 sacks, thats 10 more then the Bills who are second in the league, Hall shows no signs of slowing down any time soon

Offensive Rookie of the year- Kendrall Tompokins, WR, New England- This undrafted rookie has quickly become Tom Brady’s favorite target and that takes a lot to do. Tompokis has a bright future ahead of him

Defensive Rookie of the year- Kiko Alonso,MLB, Buffalo-The 2nd round pick has over done his expectations as he leds all rookies in tackles with almost 90, he is a big reason the Bils D has improved


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