NBA winners and losers


Loser: Dallas Mavericks: Since winning the finals Dallas has struggled. J.J. Barea and Jason Kidd left and Tyson Chandler was traded away. Dirk is an aging superstar and can’t exactly carry the load anymore. So Mark Cuban does what he does and has all the money he wants to spend waiting to be used. The Mavs tried to lure Dwight Howard in and this did not work out for them. He decided to go where the opportunity to win now would be more realistic then waiting for next summer and trying to get a Lebron or Carmelo to team up with them. The next big man on the market was former all star Andrew Buynum and the Mavs again missed. He decided on Cleveland. So they got left with Samuel Delenbear. He isn’t a bad big man just he isn’t the huge prize that they were hoping for. They picked up Jose Calderon, Devin Harris, and Monta Ellis to crowd up the backcourt. The Mavs could have went money saving for next offseason when they could possibly reach out for a Chris Bosh kind of player but they won’t. It’s not really their moves that make them the losers its just how they keep striking out on big names lately.

Winner: Cleveland Cavaliers. A team with a bright and rising start Kyrie Irving with fellow 2 guard Dion Waiters has the best young backcourt in the league. And with all this young talent already there what was better than getting the #1 overall pick in the draft. The stayed away from Nerlens Noel which looks to be a good choice. Why take a already hurt undersized big man? Oh wait the Cavilers did that with picking up Andrew Buynum(who is not undersized) for a 2 year 24 million dollar deal. But only 6 million in the first year is guaranteed. So it is a very low risk but high reward for the Cavs. Add another returning big man Anderson Varejao who’s coming off a blod clot in his long that made his miss the rest of last season but has been averaging 14 and 14 per game before the clot. Thats a solid center tandem. Back to the #1 overall pick and the draft. The Cavs suprised many people by taking Anthony Bennett. Yet this move makes some sense. Bennett averaged 16PPG and 8RPG in college but a even bigger contribution was his 37.5% from 3 point range. This can help stretch the court and give Buynum and Varejao more space on the inside and even take out the opposing 4 of the paint sometimes and give Irving and Waiters a lot of driving space. Earl Clark is also a nice pick up for the front court and can provide some stability up there and quality minutes off the bench or even starting if need be. In 23 minutes last year he scored 7PPG and had 5RPG. Thats a good backup big man. Add Jarrett Jack to the mix coming over from Golden State in free agency to give much needed veteran guard to mentor the young tandem of Waiters and Irving and give scoring off the bench. This could be one of the most underrated pickups of the off-season. The Cav’s are not a top 4 seed which would be The Heat, Nets, Pacers, Bulls but they could challenge the Knicks and Pistons for the 5th spot.



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