NCAA Preseason Top 25

  1. Alabama-With the return of AJ McCarron at quarterback, TJ Yeldon at tailback and Amari Cooper at wide receiver what’s not to love about the Crimson Tide?
  2. Ohio State– Coming off an undefeated 2012 season with no bowl, Ohio State looks to get to where they should have been the BCS National Championship.  Braxton Miller and Urban Meyer are full steam ahead for Pasadena
  3. Oregon– With Coach Kelly going to Philly will the offense be as strong? If Marcus Mariota and De’Anthony Thomas have anything to say about it no.

    Don’t worry we got this!

  4. Louisville– Is it to early tosay teddy Bridgewater for Heisman? It may be, but after the season he had last year its hard to.  Louisville is a favorite to win their new confrence the ACC.
  5. Stanford– Kevin Hogan looks to be throwing to some new hands at Stanford with young talent coming in.  Going to three consecutive BCS Bowl games is nota bad thing either.
  6. Texas A&M– Johnny “Football”  “Heisman” “Twitter” Manziel.  With all the off season publicity that Manziel has brought to A&M will it be a good thing for him and the team or will Manziel have a sophomore slump.  Coach Kevin Sumlin looks to have backed Manziel in all his off season wrong doings.
  7. Georgia– Spurrier!! Do you thin the Gamecocks are ready for September 7?? The big match up that may decide the SEC East: South Carolina at Georgia September 7 .With Aaron Murray back at quarterback the Dogs look to be the favorite for the SEC East.  Although the Dogs must replace Jarvis Jones and other stud defense-men Murray looks to put the team on his back.
  8. South Carolina– Without Marcus Lattimore  the dogs look for new talent at the tailback position.  Freshman David Williams looks to be in the mix for the starting spot.  At quarterback Connor Shaw  and Connor Mitch looks to be in competition with each other.  Jadeveon Clowney will lead the defensive side of the ball with his big hits.  The Gamecocks need to be all to win the SEC East.
  9. Clemson–  Tajh Boyd throwing to Sammy Watkins is there a better combination than that?? Tajh may be one of the top quarterbacks at the end of the season with the spread offense that the Tigers run.  Clemson could win the ACC and maybe even have a chance at the BCS only if the defense steps up.  The offense may put up big numbers, but that means nothing without a defense.
  10. Michigan- After two consecutive years of Brady Hoke bringing in top 10 recruiting classes the Wolverines may be more of a threat than some people think.  Devin Gardner is the leader of the Wolverine offense that brought in the #5 tailback (Derrick Green).  Fitzgerald Toussaint returns from a broken leg that occurred last season.
  11. Florida
  12. Notre Dame
  13. Texas
  14. Oklahoma State
  15. Florida State
  16. LSU
  17. Oklahoma
  18. TCU
  19. UCLA
  20. Kansas State
  21. Boise State
  22. Nebraska
  23. USC
  24. Northwestern
  25. Wisconsin

Honorable Mention: Vanderbilt, Miami, Penn State, Virginia Tech and Ole Miss 


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