The Big Trade

Garnett peirce terry rando

The NBA Draft is over but the biggest stories come from the Celtics. In the wake of the draft, the block buster deal was made that will tear apart Boston. The Celtics have lost their head coach after he forced his way out of the rebuilding stage in Boston to try to get the Clippers to the next level. The Celtics are just digging themselves into a hole where they will be relying on Rondo and lottery picks for the next 5+ years.

Doc Rivers was traded by the Celtics, when the trade talks with the Nets started he wanted to bailed out not wanting to apart of the rebuilding process. During the draft, Bill Simmons said that Doc quit on his team and Doc had some choice words for Bill saying he would call him an idiot but he is too classy for that. Bill pointed out that the truth keeps changing and he won’t believe what Doc says until he sticks to a story. On twitter Bill responded to a quote Rivers said in an interview with Boston’s WEEI. He retwetted:

Adding this afterwards:

Glenn being the name Doc was born with. Doc failed to remember that Bill Simmons is a fan. He brings a fan’s opinion to the usually professional view that is given by ESPN analysts. This is why he has become so popular on ESPN. But also on the other side, maybe Bill should remember that he isn’t just a blogger anymore and his words have consequences.

With the trade, the Celtics have decided they don’t need what is left of the Big 3. They seem to think that in this rebuilding they can do without the experience they had with Garnett, Pierce and Terry and they are better off with future lottery picks.

In this trade that both teams have agreed on, Garnett, Pierce and Terry would go to the Nets in exchange for 1st round picks in 2014, 2016, and 2018. I think this a bad trade for both teams. For the Nets, they gave up their future picks that they could use to build up and already strong organizations, and they gave them away for possible one maybe two years of being second place behind the Heat.

The Celtics just punched their ticket to last place in the Eastern Conference. Even though you are in a rebuilding process, being last is not where you want to be. The only thing the Celtics can do now is hope their draft picks work out, and if not, get used to seeing them at the bottom of the barrel.


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I am an undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee majoring in journalism and electronic media. I am one of the co-founders of The Backfield Press.

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