The King Has Arrived

Lebron champ 2013Lebron has now won back-to-back titles, so I guess the question is, how great is Lebron? Well I think it’s easy, Lebron is the best player in the world right now. Anyone that tries to tell you different is a fool. He obviously has the most talent out of anyone in the NBA. But that doesn’t make him the best ever. If he is able to pass Jordan’s 6 titles then he will be.

Lebron has a different kind of game. He can create opportunities for other and gets other players hot while if he needs to he can take over the game. He is able to get a whole team into a rhythm, and when he cant, he creates his own.

Like any superstar, one player can’t win a title by himself. Jordan had Pippen and Rodman, Magic had Kareem and Worthy. Lebron has Wade and Bosh. But with the rumors around Bosh leaving Miami, if he does leave, Lebron wont be able to win without him. Wade’s knee wont be able to last 2 or 3 more seasons, and if the Heat let Bosh go, Lebron wont win another in Miami. Bosh might have scored 0 points in game 7 but he played incredible defense against a future hall of famer in Tim Duncan. He had a career high field goal percentage this year, and I think he is finding his spot on this team.

The future of Lebron in Miami rests on the shoulders of the Heat organization. The king has a lot of critics, including me, but I’ll give credit where credit is due, Lebron is the best in the world right now and he has proved all his critics wrong.

The king’s legacy is not the greatest ever, but it could be. Lebron has more to accomplish to reach that point but it is definitely possible. But right now, he ain’t got no worries. All he cares about is winning the three-peat.


About Kevin Bridge

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee majoring in journalism and electronic media. I am one of the co-founders of The Backfield Press.

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