Major Hunting for Tiger


“I’m so confused right now… I don’t know what my golf swing is supposed to do.”

When better to talk about Tiger’s majors record hunt then in the first week of April. Tiger Woods has won six of his last 20 events and has reattained his number one status after his 8th win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational so people may think that he is ready.

In April 2010, Tiger returned to Augusta for his first tournament since his mistakes were made known to the world. He saw the coarse, that he has won on four time, from a place he has very rarely been, the trees. Before boarding his private jet back home he told his longtime friend, “I’m so confused right now… I don’t know what my golf swing is supposed to do.”

The puzzled golfer went into a 6 year tailspin and in the process gaining a new caddy (LaCava) and a new swing.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Jack Nicklaus’ first green jacket. Jack hold the record that Woods has been chasing his whole career, 18 major wins. Tiger has the second most with 14. This is his 61s major as a pro at the age of 37, Nicklaus’ 61st major was also at Augusta in 1977 and also at the age of 37.

This is what a sports fan lives for. You don’t have to appreciate golf to appreciate what is going on here. It’s not about a comeback by a world idle or the what could be classified as one of the greatest downfall in sports. It’s not about the Nike ads or the celebrity dating with Lindsey Vonn. It is about the composition between two men, the one with the record and the one chasing it. Whether you like Tiger or not, there has to be some appreciation for what he has done for both the game of golf and the world of sports.

Tiger has taken the long road back to the top and he has gained his confidence back. It’s easy to tell too, just look at the way he stands over his ball judging his next shot, his power and confidence is obviously presence and there is nothing in the world that would stop him from landing his fairway shot next to the hole.

Some people out there may say that 18 doesn’t really matter to Tiger and that some sportswriter began to find it interesting but that’s false. The only reason we care is because they care. They started the chase to 18 craze and it intrigued fans that two sports giants could care so much about history. Sure every athlete’s dream is to hold a record but I think all fans have thirst for a professional athlete that cares about a record. With all the streaks like the Heat’s win steak, the Blackhawks point streak, and the Penguins win streak fans have tried to get everything they can out of the athletes about their runs for history, when in reality they are just ready to play another game to get paid and don’t have much thought on the records.

Tiger has a very good chance at making his major count 15 and getting one step closer to history in Augusta this year. I feel he is finally back or at least close to the level he was at before the fateful day on Thanksgiving in 2009.

I also think that the negative comments he has received in the last few years are gone because not only has time healed but people don’t really care anymore, he has made mistakes and has apologies and now people want to see him golf.

So, will you be cheering for him?


About Kevin Bridge

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee majoring in journalism and electronic media. I am one of the co-founders of The Backfield Press.

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