Upset help for your bracket

If you need help picking which upsets by region will happen look no further then right here as SNNR breaks down upsets that you should watch for.

MIDWEST: Now when you first take a look at the bracket the game that stands out is Oregon(12) vs OK State(5) if you didn’t know, a 12 seed has beaten a 5 seed in 25 of the past 27 years. Now that must mean that Oregon is the sure-fire pick right? NO. OK State has one of the best players in Marcus Smart.  Oregon, even though they won the Pac-12(which may be the weakest of the power 6 conferences) they lack a go to scorer and that may cost them.  Now for the Midwest region I would suggest to go all chalk, but I told you i would give you the upsets so here it is. The upset pick for this region would come from St. Mary’s(11) if St. Mary’s is able to beat Middle Tennessee.  If St. Mary’s can do that then I think the could beat Memphis(6).  Again I don’t really like any upsets in here but if you must have one go with St. Mary’s over Memphis

WEST: Now back to referring to that 12 seed has beaten a 5 seed Ole miss(12) may be able to beat Wisconsin(5). Marshall Henderson is a baller and can hang with the best of them. Wisconsin offense is very boring to watch, but their defense is  very effective, in fact top 5 this year.  You could make the argument that Ole miss has not beaten any worthy team outside of Florida, will Wisconsin has beaten Indiana, and Michigan but not Ohio St. Ole Miss looks ready to push the upset button, but, if you don’t like that you could always go with Belmont(11) over Arizona(6). Belmont is a very good shooting team and Arizona is a very bad defensive team.

SOUTH: There is only one possible upset I see here and it is UCLA(6) falling to Minnesota(11). Minnesota has beaten some really good teams like Indiana, Michigan St and Wisconsin.  UCLA is a little hobbled by injuries and may be ripe to fall to Minnesota.

EAST: There is also a few possible upsets in this region.  One is Butler(6) vs Bucknell(11), Butler has been the upset pick for the past 3 years, but, this year it is different and Bucknell could be that team.  I am not going to say Bucknell is going to the Final Four or even the sweet 16, but, they may make it to the field of 32.  The last upset that could happen is California(12) vs UNLV(5).  This is other 12 beats 5 seeds and it may just happen.  California is a great shooting team but UNLV is a good all-around team.


Those are the upsets we here at SNNR like, Now get out there and fill in those brackets


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