The Biggest Stage In The Big Easy

New Orleans is one of the most lively and exciting cities in the country. Its unique cuisine, voodoo, the birthplace of jazz and Mardi Gras. You can’t turn a corner in the city without finding a party of some sort. The smooth jazz offers the perfect laid back theme music for a laid back city.

The Superdome will host a Final Four that features big names in the basketball world. But the Super Dome has seen bigger.  The colossal structure has seen 6 Super Bowl plus next years. It packed in 78,237 people to see the Crimson Tide roll over the LSU tigers in the BCS National Championship game last year. It has also seen the great Muhammad Ali clam the world Heavyweight title for a third time and the famous Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Durán II.

A city of this stature is an ideal for big events. The Final Four is just that. When the four teams roll into town, they will be surrounded by the history of their teams. The four teams combined have 13 national championships and 49 Final Four appearances.

The teams hold three of the first team All-Americans on the ballots with Jared Sullinger, Anthony Davis, Thomas Robinson. Both Davis and Robinson competed for the Player-of-the-Year award this year. All four coaches have won or played in at least one title game. Rick Pitino and John Calipari are the two coaches in the country that has taken three schools to the Final Four even though two of Calipari’s were vacated.

The city known for going big, is hosting the biggest stage in college basketball and that is just fitting. With the history of the teams and city it is going to be a Final Four to remember.


About Kevin Bridge

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee majoring in journalism and electronic media. I am one of the co-founders of The Backfield Press.

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