Thunder and Heat finals already?

Now with the first half of the season over let’s have a little review and preview on my two favorites for the finals. The Heat came right out of the gates gunning for their title they want. The Thunder are on fire and shows signs of the Heat.
Let’s start with the Heat. With the big 3 they were expected to win the title last year. They fell a lite short of that but this year is different. They have Mario Chalmers playing great ball and Norris Cole is playing as well as most rookies this year. The one thing the Heat do better than any other team is run and gun and play defense. Lebron has the identity of this team to be defense first and then run and gun for points. That’s why they lead the league with 103.74 points a game. And with Chris Bosh playing like the third piece this team is on its way to its first title.
Now the Thunder. With Perkins playing center position on this team I like their size now. Ibaka is one of the best power forwards in the game I think. He plays great defense which is what they need. One of the best scorers in the league is Durant. He can shot from distance. Run the break. Drive and most importantly shot free throws. James Harden is a great compliment and can play with anyone in the league and is a great offensive player. The key to their puzzle is Russell Westbrook. If can pass the ball efficiently and not shot too much like he did in last years playoffs the Thunder will be set. I like them to meet up with the Heat in the finals.


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