NFL Offseason

There are a few interesting stories arising this offseason in the NFL. First and for most is what is my favorite team the Indianapolis Colts going to do with Peyton Manning. They hold the #1 pick in the 2012 draft. Let’s look at what they can do.

The Colts showed a lot of holes this year. An aging offensive line and a defense built to play with the lead and having no size. But we all found out who the MVP of the league was… Peyton Manning! He won over 100 regular season games, two AFC titles and one super bowl title with this type of a team. He never had much of a defense and the offense showed it needed Manning very badly.

Every one is all over Luck as being the answer to rebuilding this team. Time will tell to see how he does in the NFL. The Colts missed last year to get Cam Newton. I don’t know if Luck will be everything every one hopes but I hope he can do more than what everyone thinks he can do.
The Colts could also trade the #1 pick is what I would do. I think they can trade down and get an anchor for their defensive line or offensive line. And I see Manning able to be affective for a few more years he has the determination to do it. They can get a few more draft picks and then see what happens with those picks and the free agent market and work from there. And if worse comes to worse they can always draft Matt Barkley next year. He can be a great NFL QB I think. The Colts in the coming weeks will have big desecsions to make. I don’t know if they will make the right ones but time will tell. All we know is it will be a rocky few years for the Colts in the steps at rebuilding.

Randy Moss has also expressed interest in making a return to the NFL. He is one of the top five receivers of all time in my mind. Imagine him and Manning hooking up for one season in Indy or if Manning leaves and they go to another team and hook up. It could be a deadly combination because when Moss was on in his prime he was the best deep threat.

It will be an interesting few weeks and a lot of it surrounds the Colts. Peyton Manning and Randy Moss two of the greatest players their eras and arguably all time are in two different situations. Manning coming off an all season injury and Moss coming out of retirement maybe. It could be a very cool thing if this happens but time will tell as always.


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