All star game 2012

The 2012 NBA all star game will be held in Orlando this year. It will pit the Western Conference all stars versus the Eastern Conference all stars.

Last years game was won by the west and the MVP going to home town Kobe Bryant in L.A. Blake Griffen won a close dunk contest with an okay dunk over the hood of a Kia car.

The rookie-sophomore game and the skills competition always draw some attention too.

One of this years headlines will be Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic. He has rumors surrounding him about him wanting out of Orlando. Possible destinations point to the Lakers of Los Angeles as a top choice.

Chris Paul already got out of a bad situation in New Orleans earlier this year. The Magic had been in the finals a few years ago against the Lakers and lost.

This could be Howard’s last stand for the people of Orlando in his need for more players around as in Lebron’s case before he left Clevland for Miami and the big 3.

Alright, enough about stuff not to do with playing basketball lets get to the festivities.

The dunk contest should be fun and entertaining like usual. Just the dunk creativity needs to pick up a bit but I can see why players are running out of ideas. And the 3 point contest is always fun.

The rookie-sophomore game will be exciting again. The skills competition is an okay event it does not draw much attention from me. But the main attraction is the game itself.

The east will be led by starters Rose, Wade, James, Melo, and Howard. The west will be led by starters Girffen, Kobe, CP3, Bynum, and Durant.
I like Howard as the MVP. Durant will lead scoring at 45 points. And Lebron will repeat a triple double as he did last year.
I do like the east to win this year. It will be a high scoring game and a lot of fun. It is by far the best all star festivities of any sport and blows away the pro bowl and the competitions always add to the fun and just make it that much better.


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